What Do You Think of Celution Rejuvenation Therapy?

What do you think about this new facial rejuvenation system (Celution rejuvenation therapy)? It appears to be in full force in Japan (why are they ahead of U.S. in this field). They take your fat cells and run them through a centrifuge and then implant them in your face to add volume.

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Stem cells and Fat grafting

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Celution and Cytori provide a machine that not only centrifuges the fat but also takes the extra step of separating the stem cells from the rest of the fat so one can inject a stem cell enriched fat graft.

Adult stem cells are a great promising therapy for many disease conditions.
Some surgeons are already isolating stem cells in their office, although the Cytori product is a good "one step" machine that simplifies the separation process for the surgeon.
I am incredibly excited about the use of Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery. Check out the link below for some more info on the potential of stem cells.

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