Can You Use Latisse at Any Age?

Hi, i am 13 years old. I have red hair and blonde eye lashes. If i don't pile on mascara (as i did in the picture below)my eyelashes are not even noticable. They are thin and not vey long, and defanantly not thick. Would I benefit from Latisse, or would you not recommend it for my age, or do you think it would even be worth it? Or is there even an age limit? I would greatly appreciate any answers.

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Mimimum age for Latisse

I would recommend that you wait a few years. At 13 your body is still developing and no one knows for sure if their might be problems for such a young person down the road. This is a medication, and I would recommend that you wait until you are 18 to use it. I suspect it would work for your lashes but it is unlikely that many doctors would feel comfortable prescribing it for someone at your age.

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