Can Restylane Cause Water Retention?

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Can Restylane cause water retention

Some water retention  usually occurs LOCALLY (in the injected area) not systemically after Restylane injection. This dissipates gradually over a few days.

Nos ystemic water retention can occur afte an injection of Restylane which is Hyaluronic acid, a substance abundantly present in your skin.

Always make sure that you are being treated by a board certified Drmatologist or Plastic Surgeon and that you advise  him/her of any health problems.

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Restylane and Water Retention

Yes and No.

As time passes and Restylane gets broken down by our body, its molecules retains their tissue plumping ability by attracting and attaching to water molecules. This affect is localized to ONLY the Restylane molecules themselves and is NOT a body wide manifestation.

Since restylane come in 1cc syringes, I seriously doubt that having a few cc's of water in the injected / filled wrinkle site would translate into the water retention signs that have plagues women since the Garden of Eden.

In my clinical experience, I have never heard of this manifestation and assure you that it is highly coincidental.

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