Can I Extend my Breast Implant Warranty?

My friend said she thought there was a way to extend the warranty on my silcone implants. i'd like more inforamtion about this.  thanks very much to the doctors who help me!

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Can I Extend my Breast Implant Warranty?

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Typically implant warranties can only be extended within 45 days of implantation by contacting the company. The company is located on the card.

Ask the doctor who placed your implants to provide you with the application for extended warranty

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Most implant companies offer an extended warranty for their breast implants.

Typically soon after your breast augmentation the doctors office would provide you with paperwork to apply and pay for an extended warranty. Typically the fee charged by the implant company is $100.

The benefit of the extended warranty is not only the duration of coverage. In addition the best warranties allow for replacement of both implants if one fails and repeat surgery is required. this is a major benefit.

Breast implant warranty

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Hi, in the US the implants usually come with a basic warranty. For an extended warranty, you are required to pay a small fee. This can help you to secure funds for revisional surgery in the event of implant rupture, etc. I would recommend contacting your implant company directly to see if you are still eligible for the warranty, as this is generally purchased prior to surgery. You should have been given a card after surgery with your date of surgery, implant serial number, and manufacturer name. If you have any questions, contact the doctor who placed your breast implants as they should have this information on file as well. Good luck,/ nsn.

Breast implant warranty

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Dear Lilly,

I believe the warranty is 5 years on the saline implants with the ability to buy an extra 5 years for 120.00. This will give you $1200.00 towards the exchange (for OR and Anesthesia Fees) and free replacement of the implant (Mentor used to give 2 implants Inamed 1 but I believe they are both 2 now) for life. You could buy the extra 5 years which gave you $2400.00 for the second 5 years for the exchange.

The silicone implants had a 10 year warranty automatically with $1200.00 the first 5 years and $3500.00 the second 5 years. I don't believe it is like a car where you can buy an extended warranty after 10 years, but if you wait long enough I am sure there will be some scam artist trying to sell a 20 year extended warranty on the internet!

Hope this answers your question but if you still have questions go to Mentor and Allergan's webs sites to check. I am sure it will be in the frequently asked questions.

Implant warranty

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Each manufacturer has a slightly differnt warranty policy. I am not sure about an extended warranty. The best way to find out is to go the manufacturer's website. 

Breast Implants can be Covered by a Warranty

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Hi Lilly. Both of the major manufacturers in the U.S. offer a lifetime replacement warranty on their implants, and will allow a certain amount of time (usually 10 years) where they will give you financial assistance in case of rupture. There is no charge for that.

For a little extra money, they will offer more financial coverage for you in case of rupture, and one company announced a recent increase in that amount.

Your PS should have information about these programs.

Extended warranties are taken seriously by manufacturers

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We are pleased with the cooperation of manufacturers in this regard. Should the untimely rupture or deflation of an implant present itself, usually at the worst possible time, we have been satisfied with company support for standard and extended warranty programs. This is a huge investment for consumers. It is strongly recommended that the extended program be used. The small fee for this is worthwhile. The review of warranty information by Dr. Yates is deeply appreciated for all those reading this site.

Donn Hickman, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Purchasing an extended warranty for Breast Implants

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Breast implants are a significant investment, and one that can last for a very long time, hopefully a lifetime. Breast implants can fail for a number of reasons and many have to be replaced.

The manufacturers of breast implants have provided excellent "warranties" for their implants so that in the event a replacement is necessary because of failure of the implant due to rupture or deflation, the patient is covered financially. It is important that patients understand that there are other potential problems that may require implants to be replaced, for which these warranties do not apply including; capsular contracture, infection, rippling, or unhappiness with the size of the implants.

The two major manufacturers of breast implants are Mentor and Inamed (Allergan). Both have an excellent lifetime warranty of their implants that comes standard. Patients are automatically enrolled for the standard warranty. Both also provide an additional "extended warranty" for an additional fee. Mentor has an excellent new promotional program for their MemoryGel implants

Allergan's standard program is called ConfidencePlus

• Applies to all implants placed after April 1, 2002 • Automatic enrollment free of charge Lifetime product replacement • Saline and silicone implants covered • 10 years of financial assistance of up to $1,200 if replacement is necessary (for surgeon, anesthesia or facility fees)

Allergan's extended program is called ConfidencePlus Platinum

• $100 enrollment fee • Up to $2,400 financial assistance if replacement is necessary • Replacement of the other implant at the surgeons' request

Mentor's standard program for saline implants is called the Mentor Advantage Limited Warranty

• Applies to all implants placed after May 1, 2005 • Automatic enrollment free of charge • Lifetime product replacement • Replacement of the other side at the surgeons' request • 10 years of financial assistance of up to $1,200 if replacement is necessary (for surgeon, anesthesia or facility fees)

Mentor's extended warranty for saline implant is called the Mentor Enhanced Advantage Limited Warranty

• $100 enrollment fee within 45 days of surgery • Up to $2,400 financial assistance if replacement is necessary

Mentor has a new program called the Mentor Premier Advantage Limited Warranty for MemoryGel silicone breast implants.

• Limited time offer May 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 • Free of charge Lifetime product replacement • Replacement of the other side at the surgeons' request • 10 years of financial assistance of up to $3,500 if replacement is necessary (for surgeon, anesthesia or facility fees)

If you have breast implants that have ruptured or deflated, they may be covered by the manufacturer. You may file a claim by contacting the product evaluation department to see if they are covered. The number for Allergan Medical to submit a claim is 800-624-4261. For Mentor the number is 866-250-5115.

York Jay Yates, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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