How Can I Find out What is Causing Burning Pain in my Right Breast?

What should I do to find out why I have very sharp burning in my whole right breast since I had my implants put in?

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Pain after Breast Augmentation

You should consider other more serious causes of chest pain. If you are in good health and have no other causes of pain like heart related pain, reflux, costochondritis, or peptic ulcer disease, you may have pain related to irritation of your nerves. Neuropathic pain or nerve related pain maybe caused by irritation or scar tissue or maybe a pressure related phenomenon. Rest assure, there are several treatments for pain due to breast implants. If you do have pain, begin massage to the area of pain to help desensitize the area. If at least 6 months and preferably 12 months have passed after your breast implant surgery, some modalities that may help resolve your pain are:

1. Local Steroid injection to area of pinpoint pain

2. Flector transdermal NSAID patch

3. Intercostal nerve block

You should consult with your plastic surgeon to determine what is most appropriate for you and your particular signs and symptoms. Good Luck, Ankit Desai, MD - Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

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Have your surgeon take a look


Pain soon after a breast augmentation can be a blood collection that requires surgery or just nerve irritation that will subside on its own. Your surgeon needs to sort this out for you. Call his or her office, please.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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Severe breast pain

You should return to see your surgeon since he/she is familiar with the specific details of your operation. Severe pain in one breast can be a cause for concern. Important questions your surgeon might ask you are: 1) When was your breast augmentation? 2) Where were the implants placed (above or under the muscle)? 3) When did the pain begin after the surgery? 4) Is the pain constant? 5) Does the pain radiate anywhere? 6) Is the pain relieved by anything? 7) Have either breast changed in size? 8) Is either breast warm or red?

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Breast pain after breast augmentation

Call you surgeon. Pain after breast augmentation always occurs to some extent and can be asymmetrical. You failed to mention when your implants were placed, so you might have no problem or a serious one depending on that variable. Your surgeon is responsible for you and you should contact him.

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