Bullhorn Lip Lift After Rhinoplasty?

I had an open Rhinoplasty a little over a year ago, and now I would like to get an upper lip lift (bullhorn). I don't want them to remove the skin under the nose because of the Rhinoplasty, so is it possible to remove the skin from between the nose and upper lip?

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Video for Bullhorn lip lift

The skin under the nose is precisely what gets removed.

If done properly there is no, I repeat no distortion of the nose.

Check out the video to see indications for the procedure and iff you are a candidate.

The link is to a gallery of results.

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Lip lift following rhinoplasty


The bullhorn lift is most likely your best option. A scar in the middle of the lip or at the border of the red lip ("gull wing lip lift") is more likely to leave a visible scar.

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