Deaths and Complications Likely During or After Breast Surgery?

I would like to get a breast reduction but I'm afraid about the whole thing. I've heard a lot of deaths or complications happen during or after breast surgery. Is this true? Can someone help me?

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Risk of death from surgery

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 The risk of death in a healthy individual is extremely rare for any elective cosmetic surgery.  As long as you have a clean bill of health it is unlikely for you to have this problem develop.

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Death and Complications after Breast Surgery (rare to unlikely)

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Unless you have serious medical problems and health issues going on unrelated to your breasts the risk of dying is extremely unusual to the point of being rare, about the same probability of dying from a car accident. Breast Reduction is an extremely safe operation when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Complications more common are extensive bruising or bleeding, infection, wound healing problems, loss of sensation or loss of tissue to the nipple/areola, and others but these too are unusual.
In general, the more experienced and well trained the plastic surgeon the less likely the incidence of complications

Deaths and Complications Likely During or After Breast Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.
Some of the risks/potential complications associated with breast reduction surgery include:  infection, bleeding, seroma, hematoma, wound healing problems, abnormal scarring ( hypertrophic or keloid),  loss of sensation, inability to breast-feed, breast asymmetry, necrosis of tissue or skin,  unsatisfactory cosmetic results, unpredictability of exact cup size postoperatively,  recurrence of the breast hypertrophy, and the potential for further surgery.  other risks  related to surgery in general include deep venous thrombosis (clots),  pulmonary embolism, pneumonia  and even death.
Fortunately, the majority of patients who undergo this procedure by well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons and board certified anesthesiologists do very well and complications tend  to be relatively minor and treatable. The severe complications are rare.
I hope this helps.

Risk of complications with breast surgery

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I am not sure from where you are getting your reports but breast surgery is not any more risky than any other surgery.

Probably the most important factor is your overall health. Discuss your concerns with your primary care physician, your surgeon and anesthesiologist.

If you are in good health, it is my impression that your overall risk of death would be in the range of 1:200,000 which is far less than the risk you take when you get into a car each day.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast reduction extremely safe.

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You can have a complication after breast reduction, but it would be just a local problem, like a wound infection.  Your chances of dying are less than crossing the street..

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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