Breast Size Recommendation for Average Frame?

I am going to get a breast consult this week and am stressing about what size to get. I know I want a full C or small D.

I am 5'5" 120lbs and a 32A now. I workout all the time and my waist is a 26. What size will look better?

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Sizing a breast implant

An experienced plastic surgeon will take into account many things in deciding with you what implant will be best for you.

First, your specific desires for a certain "look" need to be clearly elucidated by you. Don't use contradictory phrases like "I want to be a natural D." These two cannot coexist.

Second bring pictures of what you like because it is a very visual selection process.

Third, your doctor will examine you to determine what dimensions of implants will fit you best. The volume of the implant doesn't matter as much as having the right diameter.

Finally the profile of the implant determines how much fullness you will have. Your height, weight, and starting point with respect to breast tissue and skin envelope complete the picture.

Don't put all of this into the hands of the least expeinced or least expensive surgeon in your area. You will regret it if you have to get it redone.

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Choosing breast implant size

You need to ask these questions to your plastic surgeon and ask to see photos of patients who are your approximate size and what they have achieved when going from an A cup to a full C or D. More importantly, you want to know, for YOUR particular frame, which whould look the best and the most proportional without looking too big. You also need to discuss with your surgeon the risks of putting too large an implant for your size and frame. The surgeon should measure your chest wall and breasts, determining the breast width, height, location of the nipple,location of the breast fold, size of the nipple/areolar complex, "pinch test" to determine the amount of skin and fat and breast tissue in the upper pole of the breast, breasty symmetry or asymmetry, etc. All of these are important considerations in his recommendation as to what would be best for you considering your desires. He should let you know if going too big is too risky and why. Good luck!

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation options

In order to determine what size you like, you may want to see some samples of implants from you plastic surgeon's office. Then place them inside your bra and look in the mirror to gauge how large you want to be. This is a gross estimate, but it will give you a good idea of the volume. Also, bring in some pictures of breasts that you like from magazines. This will give your surgeon an idea of your desired shape. Good luck!

Jeffrey E. Schreiber, MD, FACS
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Thorough consultation

There are some steps that could be helpful to make a right decision in that regard.

Examination is the most important thing. With a thorough breast examination that does not take more than 5 minutes, we will find out about soft tissue coverage, any breast deflation, chest wall diameter, breast dimensions which include, breast width and height are all important factors in selecting an appropriate implant.

The following measures could be helpful in decision making:

---Photos. before and after picturees, with implant information and type of procedures

---Trial sizing. Although it is inexact, having patients try different implants in a soft or surgical bra can give an estimate of result.

--- Intraoperative sizing can be helpful specially when we are facing with significant asymmetry.

I hope that was helpful and good luck!

M. Ryan Khosravi, MD
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Breast sizing with implants

Obtaining a natural looking and patient-satisfied size result is not very exact but it's also not as complicated as it's made out to be.

The first thing to understand is that it's not possible to just choose a size result. That would be like choosing a nose result on someone else for a rhinoplasty. The result is in relation to what the patient started out with and what is feasible with current breast implants.

There are exceptions, but in general, the size characteristics of existing implants and what the breast and surrounding tissues will tolerate predictably allow for between one cup (low profile) to two cup (high profile) size increase from what size you started from. This is in relation to your chest around diameter which will not change -- cup sizes are scaled to chest diameter - a 36C is bigger than a 34C or 32C.

This presumes the implant is properly sized and positioned rather than just choosing a size and seeing how it goes. It is also not a good idea for the surgeon to decide this during the surgery. The patient can be measured and the expected outcome can be characterized before the surgery so that the decision on size and type is made before the surgery, not changed during the surgery, and gives an expected outcome within the limits of measuring overall size (which is far from exact).

The other issue of size is proportions. In general, A, B, and C cup size breasts (in relation to the chest around) are all normal sizes. D cup size by definition is out of proportion. If you are a mid A cup size now, the largest you could go and still look normal and not distorted is a mid C. This will not be disproportionately large but every patient has their own idea of what is the proper proportional size.

Choose what you think will look best for you in relation to what is achievable. You will also need a plastic surgeon that understands how to properly fit an implant and what size result that will give.

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant sizing

Plastic surgeons use a variety of tools to help select with best implant size with their patients:

1) Photos. Having patient bring photos of breasts they like and breasts they detest help us determine their goals. Some women desire subtle enhancement and others desire much more dramatic enlargement.

2) Measurements. The chest wall diameter, breast width and height are all important factors in selecting an appropriate implant. The breast skin envelope is only so large; selecting an implant that is too large invariably means that implant will sit too high, too low, or too lateral.

3) Trial sizing. Although it is inexact, having patients try different implants in a bra in the office is a useful exercise. It gives them a crude idea of breast size and shape in clothing and often helps them verbalize their goals.

4) Conversation. Different implants have vastly different shapes. In someone like you, who is quite petite and desires a 2 cup size enhancement, I might recommend a high profile implant, which is narrower and thicker. It's important that you understand how this differs in appearance from other types of implants, and that can only conveyed adequately in the preoperative consultation.

5) Intraoperative sizing. We will often utilize intraoperative trial implants and always sit the patient up during surgery to ensure that the breasts have a pleasing appearance.

Hope this helps! Best of luck!

Sam Jejurikar, MD
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Discoubbectineciding on correct breast implant

Determining breast size is a difficult process.

Patients generally refer to the cup size.

Doctors generally refer to volume as measured in cc

The two don't always match and may require that you try different sizers on to obtain a realistic impression of what the final result will accomplish.

The website below may help you by providing a reference to a breast implant sizing device.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Photos can be a good guide to determining breast implant size

Picking the 'correct' breast implant size for an individual is always a difficult problem. It is important to understand that the same implant in two different individuals will look totally different. Also a ticket to disappointment is to tell your plastic surgeon that I want to be a particular cup size. This involves the assumption that what you think is a full C is what the plastic surgeon thinks is a full C. A better way to get your desired result is to look a photos. Understand what features you desire and those that you do not. By reviewing these photos at the time of your consultation your plastic surgeon can examine you and give you a reasonable estimate of the style and size of implant that will give your a nice result.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Size for implants

There are so many things to go over during a breast augmentation consultation. The proper volume and size of implant is carefully decided upon based upon the patient's desires and their anatomy. What may be good for you may not be right for someone else. Without examining you, it would be difficult to "nail down" the right ones.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How to tell which breast implant size is "just right"

There are many factors in deciding a breast implant size. The most important are the following:

1. Tell your surgeon what you would like to look like. The best way to do this is to bring in pictures of women that you find attractive and would like to resemble.

2. Your plastic surgeon needs to take very good measurements of many parts of your chest. These measurements will tell your surgeon what sizes are appropriate for your frame. It is NOT possible to simply use height and weight alone.

3. Lastly, you and your surgeon should be able to narrow down your choice of size to two or three implants. During the operation, your surgeon will determine which size is most appropriate for your body. This can only be done if your surgeon decides to use a sizer (a disposable balloon). If not, you take your best guess from all the measurements above and pick one size, not two or three possibilities.

Also, you need to realize that most of the choice of size is truly determined before going to the operating room. The final determination is really a subtle pick, for example, between 275cc and 300cc. Trust your surgeon and express your concerns. Good luck!

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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