Lollipop Breast Lift and Implants in One Procedure?

I am interested in getting a lollipop breast lift and a 370-400cc breast implants at the same time. I am currently a 36DD. I had one doctor tell me I need to do it in 2 seperate proceedures for best scaring results, the other tells me that I can do it in one. What is recomended?

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Breast lift with an implant should be an individual decision

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Breast lift (mastopexy) and implant can be performed in one stage in the properly selected patient who needs a small amount of lift and desires a conservative augmentation. In this patient, the bigger question is does a 36dd patient even need an implant let alone a 375cc implant. I would say a mastopexy alone would be all that would be required with internal breast sutures and proper breast shaping to deliver a great result without the negatives of placing an implant.

The final decision for any patient should be based on an individual conversation with their board certified plastic surgeon. Pre-exisiting breast shape and measurements should be factored into this decision. A breast mastopexy augmentation is a very challenging procedure so make sure you are a candidate before agreeing with the surgical plan.

Breast lifts and implants

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Obviously, if you need a vertical scar, you need more lift than just a periareolar incision. A lift tightens you and an implant stretches you so the two forces oppose eachother in wound healing. That means that you cannot go too large safely with the implant at the same time as the lift. Most of the time the 2 can be done together but occasionally a staged procdure is best.

Staged versus combined breast lift with augmentation

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The truth of the matter is that it really depends. Depending on the amount of ptosis (droop) you have of the nipple and areola, it may be better to stage the procedure. In patient's that have severe ptosis, I usually counsel them to have the lift first, wait a few months, and then have implants. If they protest loudly enough, I may relent and perform it in one stage, but advise them that there's a relatively high rate of revision (scar revision, additional lift, etc).

In more than 80% of patients, though, I feel comfortable combining a lollipop lift with simultaneous breast implant placement.

Bottom line - it really comes down to physician preference and comfort. Different surgeons do things in different ways and get great results. Assuming both of the doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons, choose the one in whom you have the most confidence.

Best of luck.

Lollipop lift and implants in one procedure?

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Hello! Thank you for your question! These two procedures can safely and effectively be performed in one setting. Staging the procedures to have them done at various times will likely not have any cost benefit for you. When you combine procedures, there is often a discount that is provided by the surgeon for multiple procedures. Also, when having multiple procedures performed at the same time, you save on anesthesia and facility fees, which otherwise are paid for with each individual procedure. In addition, you may benefit by the single recovery time. However, more importantly than the financial aspect, your plastic surgeon will have to determine for you if the viability of the breast as well as nipple-areolar complex may be placed at jeopardy if done at the same time. If for this reason, it would be wise to stage these procedures.

Certainly it is you decision as to whether you have your procedures performed in one or multiple stages, but your surgeon will give his/her recommendations. Consult with a plastic surgeon well-versed in breast surgery who ill discuss and examine you, while assisting you to decide which procedure will be the best option for you. I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon and see what your options are - sometimes multiple consultations with board-certified plastic surgeons is helpful for you to decide. Hope that this helps! Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Lollipop Breast Lift and Implants In One Procedure

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Although I have always performed breast lifts with implants in a single stage with very low revision rates over the past 25 years and  I have not experienced more excessive scarring. Even if this did occur it could easily be taken care of as an office procedure later.  I have no problems however with other plastic surgeons who feel the need to do this in two stages. It is becoming  a trend to do breast lifts with implants in one stage however the important point is that surgeons should do what they do best. Usually their training determines what technique they will perform in the future.You should never "force" a surgeon to do a technique that they do not feel comfortable performing. 

Make sure you pick a board certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Lift and Augment at the Same Time

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I can tell you that I do a lift and augmentation at the same time but it is not always the case. It depends totally on the tye and amount of lift needed, the size implants the patient wants and the quality of skin and breast tissue and the patient's smoking history. So in my case it would be impossible to answer your specific question without a set of good medical quality photgraphs at the least or better an exam. Get two or three consults (if you get any more it just gets confusing) and see what they say.

One stage breast procedure is my preferred way to go

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I perform one stage augmentation mammoplasty in my practice for women looking for a uplift and a larger size. As a matter of fact, I like using an implant during mastopexies to enhance the medial upper pole. It is a rather challenging operation. I do not perform the operation if the patient has too much excess skin, such as after massive weight loss. In those cases, I prefer a two staged approach. But in my usual "mommy makeover" patient, i find that i get good results with one stage. I always quote a 15% chance of needing another surgery, or a "revision rate".

One way to look at it is that if you are a candidate, you have an 85% chance of needing only one surgery with a one stage aug pexy versus a 100% chance of needing two surgeries with a two stage aug pexy. hope this makes sense.

Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy

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I concur that the plastic surgery community is divided on this issue of one-stage vs. two-stage augmentation and lift procedures. I need to asses the patient and the degree of ptosis or sagging. I commonly perform a safe combined augmentation and mastopexy procedure in one stage except when the sagging is very severe (example: nipples pointing down to floor in a massive weight loss patient) or if there are issues with a patient's health status. What are the risks of a combined procedure? Widening of scars or the areola or worse, partial or complete nipple areola loss. I have an extensive experience with augmentation mastopexy procedures, and I still approach each and every combined procedure with extreme caution. these augmentatin mastopexy procedures can be quite challenging and their difficulty level must be respected. I recommend you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon who regularly performs these procedures. Remember, there is nothing wrong with a two-stage approach. Its fine to come back and fight another day.

Both can be done at the same time

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In my experience, when a patient needs a lift and an augmentation,I perform them in one procedure over 75% of the time. When one does this, you have to be a little more conservative on the lift ,because it's better to have the nipple a little low rather than a little high. I don't think that doing it in one stage significantly affects the scarring. I explain to patients that one stage may accomplish what they're looking for ,but they also may require a second ,more minor revision stage, and these I can sometimes do in my office.

Most patients prefer to have the procedure done in one stage and the number of revisions that I perform as a second stage less than 10%.

Breast Augmentation with Lift in Single Stage

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Many women are in need of both increased breast volume as well as a lift. The combination of breast augmentation and breast lift in a single surgery is definitely more technically challenging with a higher complication rate and revision rate of either surgery alone, but most the time it can achieve excellent results. One can look at it this way, if you decide to break the surgeries up into 2 sessions, you are having 2 surgeries 100% of the time. If you do the 2 surgeries together, you have a higher rate of revision surgery than either alone, but your chances of an additional surgery is only 15-20% of the time.

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