Breast Lift or Other Options for Breast Implants That Sit Too Low?

I currently have 575 HP saline breast implants under the muscle and I feel they sit too low. I want a higher, tighter look, but I don't really want to go bigger. Can I get a breast lift without removing my current implants? What would be my options? Possibly with the least amount of scarring, because my scars are pretty dark still after 2 years. How much does a procedure like that cost on average? Thanks.

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Breast Lift or Other Options for Breast Implants That Sit Too Low?

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You most likely would require a lift and downsizing to maintain the upper fullness of the breast. Although keeping your current implants is an option, you would likely see further sagging with time.

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Breast lift with or without implants

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The picture you submitted is dark and hard to evaluate accurately. However, without the benefit of an exam, it does appear that you would benefit from a breast lift.

Typically there is an upside down "T" shaped incision to accomplish this, and the procedure can be done as an out patient (you don't have to stay overnight in a hospital). While it's possible that the implants could be left in, an in depth exam of your tissues would yield more information.

Certainly what you have now is not something that you will ever be able to improve on with diet and excercise alone. You have to decide that whether you prefer your current look, or would you prefer more shapely breasts with additional scars ?

Fees vary depending on the level of expertise of the surgeon, as well as the extent of surgery needed in your particular case.

Darrick E. Antell, MD
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Breast Lifing, Augmentation, Recovery

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Dear Miyalove,

You can undergo a breast lift- but you trade for scars. With the size of Implant a significant lift may be a litlle more difficult. The type of procedure require would depend what is found on your clinical exam.

You will have to consider the risk of scarring and change in breast size.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
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Breast Lift after breast augmentation?

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Although the photo that you provided is dark I can see enough to give you my opinion. It appears that your breast tissue has descended despite the 575cc high profile implant that you have in place.

I would recommend a peri-areolar (Benelli type) breast lift since you are concerned about scarring and this technique will result in the least amount of scarring on the breast. You should discuss this and other options with your surgeon.

Hope this helps.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

What to do when implants are too low

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Thanks for the question.

You have some great answers here. You likely need a lift. You plastic surgeon has already used high profile implants (and used 575 cc of volume).

You have come close to maximizing the amount of lift you can expect from implants alone.

Unfortunately this means scars. You could be a good candidate for a vertical lift which would minimize the lift scars. In our San Francisco office, this is a procedure we frequently help patients who have had implants that are low or breasts that are ptotic (saggy). When you speak to your plastic surgeon also ask if there is a role for acellular dermal matrix to help support the implants and decrease your risk of future sag.

I hope this helps.

Breast lift will be necessary, but be sure to seek the right surgeon

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In my opinion, you will require a breast lift to get the look you desire. However, if the lift is not performed correctly, including internal sutures to lift the implant, you will likely "bottom out" in a few years and end up with implants which have droppped, making the nipplle and areolae complex appear too high, and with the trade off of scars. It is very important thjat you pick a surgeon that knows how to perform this proicedure properly, and performs if often. Fortunately, you have a very highly skilled surgeon in your area, Dr. Dean Fardo, who it looks like also answered your question - I would recommend giving him a call.

Breast lift

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The pitcure you posted is very dark and difficult to see your breast well.  But, your breasts seem to be ptotic( sagging) and you definitely could benefit from a lift.  Often you can keep the same implants but without examining you, I am not sure of the exact position of the implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Low positioned implants should be correctable without a breast lift

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Occasionally we receive questions about breast implants which are too low on the chest, or sometimes high riding and not 'settled' and in these situations we would always recommend adjustment of the capsule and pocket so that the implnat is positioned correctly centered on the nipple. Your pictures are somewhat dark and blue in color but it appears that the breast drops over the implants and the shape is such that the nipple appears very full and round and low. You are right in that a fuller implant will cause the breast to look more mature and matronly. I would suggest a smaller implant if you can, and consider a breast lift. A round block breast lift, (around the nipple) can reduce the areolar size and lift the nipple up over the implant and thus a higher and tighter look. Current implants can stay if you wish.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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You need a breast lift

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Your nipples sit low and your breasts are bottom heavy. A breast lift would elevate the nipple and tone the breast but at the expense of scars. You could leave in the implants. Going bigger with the implants will probably not give you the upper pole fullness you want. That may be something you will always need clothing to create.

Breast lift

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From your picture it appears that you need a breast lift and likely a smaller implant. The heavier implant you have the more your tissues/breasts will sag. By going with a smaller implant and having a breast lift you will be more likely to achieve the look you want. Also, with breast lifts - the compromise is always between scarring vs. long term shape. The more scarring you are willing to accept the better long term shape you will have. Discuss your options with your surgeon who can give you the best answer regarding the ideal surgery for you. Just remember to look at all the factors before deciding.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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