Breast Implant Size for 34 B?

I want a breast augmentation. I just want the sagginess to get better, and don't want to look fake. I am 55 kilos and 1.60 meters tall. What size would give me a 34 B cup? Please give me some numbers, doctor suggests no less then 300 cc but I am afraid it will be too big. Am I right?

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Implant choices

Choosing the right implant for you requires a physical exam and a discussion of your goals.  If you want to get an idea of what volume you will have, do a baggy test with water or rice and see how it looks in a bra over a t-shirt.

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Determining exact cup size

It is difficult to predict the number of cc's you would need in order to achieve the cup size you want. Every manufacturer is different, so depending on where you buy your bra or how you want it to fit, a plastic surgeon cannot guarantee you the size you want. Remember, internally, your anatomy is very different. Your chest may be concave or convexed and your muscle mass and breast tissue also affects the number of cc's you may need. Using sizers will help determine how many cc's you will need to achieve the look you want.

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Breast implant augmentation and bra cup size determination

There is no definitive way to predict bra cup size. Your best option is to use sizers and then try bras on. You should be able to determine what meets your needs and give this very important feedback to the plastic surgeon. The 300cc breast implant you currently are contemplating is a relatively averaged sized implant. In many patients this will provide them with a 1-2 cup size increase. There are many breast implant sizers available for purchase.

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