Breast Implant Profile for Very Petite Frame?

Recently booked myself in to have breast augmentation. I'm confused as to why my surgeon has recommended that I have 300 cc's low profile as I am very very petite (UK size 6, 5ft 2 in. 32 AA). Would like to acheive around a DD cup. All over the web, it says low profiles are best for people with wider chests. I'm so slight of frame; surely moderate or high profiles would be better. I'm getting concerned and beggining to wonder if this surgeon knows what he's talking about. Please help.

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Breast implants - petite frame

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Although the width of the implants is important and I generally would use a moderate profile (or moderate plus), of more concern to me is that you want to be a DD. At 5'2" tall and with a petite frame, this may be asking too much! You are already concerned that the low profile implants may be too wide. The amount of stretch on the skin and muscles and tightness of the pocket may rresult in distortion of the breasts, asymmetries, unnatural look, and disproportionate shape. You want to look natural and not freakish and I would be concerned that you do not appreciate the end results that would be obtained or you are discounting the physician's recommendations. Be sure to get a thorough examination and ask questions of your surgeon as to the risks involved and the ultimate appearance.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Choice of breast implant profiles

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To know which implant profile to use, a bit more information is needed. From my perspective, the width of your breast is the most important factor in determining the implant choice. It is best to have the implant's width to be equal to, or less than, the width of the breast. This is so that the breast does not appear wider after the surgery. For petite women, I will frequently use a moderate profile plus implant. This may or may not be right for you depending upon your measurements.

If possible, I like to avoid high- profile implants becasue they can give too much fullness in the upper breast area and this will not look natural. In other words, this result looks too much like a breast implant. However, in other patients I will use these in order to avoid an implant that is too wide for the breast.

If you have questions about the implants to be used, have another visit with your plastic surgeon. There may be a very good explanation for his/her choice of implant profile. Aternatively, after speaking and seeing you again, he/she may wish to use a different profile implant. It is in everyone's best interest to make sure that you are in agreement about this issue prior to going to the operating room.

Good luck!

David B. Reath, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon
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VIDEO (click here for link) Breast Implant Profile for Very Petite Frame?

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I would be quite surprised if the 300 cc implants took you up to a DD. I would try sizers on to confirm your implant selection. See video below for samples.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants on narrow frame

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There are many different shapes of implants to choose from.  I prefer HP's most of the time on narrow framed individuals.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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