Different-sized Moderate Plus Implants for Slightly Asymmetrical Breasts?

I am planning on getting silicone breast implants. I've been told my breast measurements are 19 and 19.5, and I guess this means they are slightly asymmetrical. My breast diameter measures 13.7 and I would like to have moderate plus implant. I've been told however that I would need a high profile implant. I'd like to know if I can get a moderate plus and also do I need to get different cc's in each breast? Should a person get different sizes with only a small asymmetry?

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Different-sized Moderate Plus Implants for Slightly Asymmetrical Breasts

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Asymmetry can be managed with different sized implants or by reducing and/or lifting the larger and more sagging breast. While diminished asymmetry is a reasonable goal. symmetry is not. 

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Breast asymmetry

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The choice of high profiles vs other shaped implants depends upon your anatomy and the volume you desire.  I think you may need a small lift as well.

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Breast asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry is a very common situation. Nearly all women have some degree of breast asymmetry and based on your measurements and your pictures it does not seem as if you have a lot of asymmetry. The difference between a high profile and moderate plus gel implant is often subtle. There is rarely a situation where one "needs" one type of implant or the other. I would recommend that if your thoughts are different from your current plastic surgeon, that he seek a second opinion to get some type of consensus. I would not necessarily be obsessed with the details of the type or exact size of the implant as long as your physician has a good idea of your postoperative goals.

Breast implant sizing

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Hi Lisa,

You can get a moderate plus implant (moderate profile) provided that the diameter of the implant is not larger than your breast base width. A nice way to determine which implant works for you is to try the implant sizers in a bra. With the implants in the bra, you can see what it will look like relative to your height and frame size. Also, you can see for yourself whether you need a larger implant on the small side by putting it in the bra and wearing a fitting shirt over it. In your photos, you appear to have a mild asymmetry.

Breast implants and asymmetry

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Everyone has some degree of breast asymmetry. There can be differences in size, shape or both. Based on your photos above, your degree of asymmetry appears to be minor. You do not necessarily "need" a high profile implant, your choice of a moderate plus silicone appears to be reasonable based on your photo. You may not need different size implants to address your asymmetry. Only when the asymmetry is easily noticeable would two different size implants be indicated. Remember, with silicone implants it's even more difficult to address asymmetry because the implants are prefilled, compared to saline which can be filled to slightly different volumes.

Discuss your implant style and size selection again with your plastic surgeon prior to scheduling your breast augmentation.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno

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