Is It a Good Idea to Get Breast Implants at 19?

I'm 19.  Is it a good idea to get breast implants at this age?

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Age for breast augmentation

If you are over the age of 18, you are eligible for only saline breast augmentationin the U.S.  You must be 22 years of age to be eligible for silicone breast implants.  You need to think about the future implications of having breast implants as they relate to pregnancy and potential breast feeding.  More important than your actual chronological age is your maturity level in understanding what is involved with the surgery.  This is something a board certified plastic surgeon can review with you in great detail during a consultation.

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Dr. Bruno

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Decision to get Breast Implants depends on you

Your age is less important than if you are emotionally mature enough to have breast augmentation surgery. Many plastic surgeons will perform the surgery after age 18 but the important issue is if the patient is prepared to have the surgery and ready to accept the long term issues associated with having implants.

Remember also that silicone implants are only approved for women 22 or older.

I would recommend you discuss the pros and cons of having the surgery at your age with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Jeffrey Horowitz, MD
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Breast implants at 19 depends

Getting breast implants in your age depends on your maturity level and your reasons for wanting breast augmentation. Ideally, you'll be looking for this surgery because YOU want it, not because anyone else has made you feel like you should have it. You should understand that this is "real" surgery, despite what it may appear to be on TV shows. There are real risks associated with the surgery, and you will be committing yourself to more surgery over the years, since implants don't last forever.

You should expect the surgery to change your breast shape and size, not to fix anything else in your life, so make sure your motivations are realistic.

Your surgeon should be able to hold a meaningful convesation with you regarding breast augmentation surgery, and the two of you should be able to decide together whether it's a good option for you right now.

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Carmen Kavali, MD
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Is it a good idea to get breast implants at 19?

Hello! Thank you for your question. Breast augmentation is a procedure often sought by women to increase size, add upper pole fullness and projection along with improve shape and symmetry of her breasts. Women who have the breast augmentation done report increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and more comfortable with her body. In fact, it has been the most popular procedure in plastic surgery in the US for the past few years. Many surgeons use 18 years of age as the standard for when to offer the breast augmentation procedure to women. Maturity and the ability to make an educated decision for yourself of whether this procedure is the right one for you as well as factors regarding implant choice, size, incision placement, position of the implant, other adjunct procedures, etc are major factors. Having the maturity to understand all of the risks and benefits of the surgical procedure is also mandatory - thus, most are readily able to comprehend this at that age. 23 years of age is the FDA guideline for utilization of silicone implants.

Good communication between you and your surgeon of your expectations is warranted - choosing your surgeon wisely is the first step. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon well-versed in this procedure. Research your surgeon's education, training, as well as ability to perform this procedure. See postoperative photographs and most importantly choose the one who you feel most comfortable with and competent to meet your expectations. Discussion of your wishes and having an honest and open dialog of your procedure is mandatory (e.g, implant type, incision, placement, lift, etc). I have found that photographs brought by the patient is helpful to get a visualization of the appearance you wish for in terms of size, shape, fullness, etc. In addition, your surgeon's pre and postoperative photographs should demonstrate a realistic goal for you. Once this has been accomplished, allow your surgeon to utilize his/her best medical judgment during the procedure to finesse the best possible result for you after preoperative biodimensional planning and fitting the right implant for your breast width.

Hope that this helps! Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Breast implants at age 19

At 19, you are free to make choices concerning your body and your health. Whether or not it is a good idea depends upon your maturity level and your understanding of the possible risks. Also, breast implants do have a permanent affect on your breasts. This is something to discuss at length with your plastic surgeon.

The decision should be yours and not done because a boyfriend or husband wants you to have it. It is important also to note that your options currently are for saline implants only. Per the FDA, you need to be 22 years old for silicone implants in the US.

My recommendation is to establish a relationship with a board certified plastic surgeon to talk about breast augmentation and to read through literature from the ASPS on the benefits and risks. I've included a link to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for your convenience.

David Bogue, MD
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Lots of young women choose breast implants at age 19.

Legally, you are free to choose what you want to do with your body.  Many young women choose breast implants and are delighted with the results.  It is your personal decision and you must examine all aspects of the operation-the risks, benefits, psychology, social implications.

Unlike a tattoo, breast augmentation is easily reversible if you think that you have made a mistake (which is almost never the case).

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Difficult question


You pose a difficult quesion as it is hard to assess a potential patient's motivations without examining her. You are of legal age for saline implants (in the US anyway,) but why are you choosing to consider this? What are you trying to accomplish?

These are the questions which can lead to an answer of whether or not an implant operation can give you what you want.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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Breast implants and age

The timing and choice of implants is indiviudally based. Having breast implants performed at 19 is perfectly fine,

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast implant and age

Plastic surgeons decide on the applicability of a surgery based on a number of criteria, including physical need and emotional maturity. Actual age is not as important.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation candidate

Many young adults are interested in plastic surgery. Depending on the severity and complexity of the case, it is important that you understand all the risks and complications that  are involved before you decide to proceed with breast enhancement surgery. Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. I would definitely recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to ensure the best and safest options possible. Good luck! 

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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