Breast Enlargement Without Lift Though Fat Transfer?

I have recently lost about 60 pounds and my breasts have lost volume. I really don't want breast implants as I'm worried about capsular contracture and loss of nipple sensation. I had a consultation where the surgeon told me the shape of my breasts is good and the nipple is high enough so they wouldn't need a Breast lift - just to be filled out.
Would Fat transfer to the breasts be a good option? I know that it's still new but I've heard good things. Thank you, MC.

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Fat Transer

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Fat transfer to the breast is an excellent technique for augmenting your current shape. The result will produce a very natural, larger version, of your present breast.  For more information, please visit our blog on our website.

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Fat injections to the breast.

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This is relatively new and the long term results are not completely known. The use of fat transfers to the breasts is not a common practice and therefore it will be sometime before it becomes an accepted treatment. Ulimately there are concerns with the predictability of the procedure and confusing mammograms. Dead fat can calcify and so can early cancer. Therefore it may be difficult to assess the resutls of the mammogram. These criteria are being established.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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