Does Breast Augmentation Cause Swelling in Nipples?

Hello! I got my Breast Implants on July 17. It seems like my nipples have stretched a little, and I was wondering if they are swollen? When they get their sensation back, will they get smaller again? I had a 213cc and a 243cc smooth silicone implants. Thank you.

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Changes to nipples and areolae after breast implant augmentation surgery

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There are several changes to the nipple and areola which can occur with breast augmentation which include: hypersensitivity, decreaseed sensitivity, more prominent protruding nipples, larger and more lightly pigmented areolae, more "puffy" areola (particularly in constrictred or tuberous breasts), etc.

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Yes, but should subside.

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Thank you for you question.

Breast implants does cause swelling in the nipples, but that doesn't mean it's permanent. Allow yourself a few weeks after your surgery for the swelling to go down and then you should be able to tell. It should return to normal. However, some patients experience stretching of the areola. Sensation should return within six to eight weeks.

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Breast Augmentation - Swollen Nipples

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It has only been 10 days so allow all of the swelling to resolve and for the breasts to soften. It may take several weeks. Only then will you be able to ascertain if the nipples are truly "bigger". The amount of stretching is usually minimal. The sensation may take a little longer to return but almost always does (6-8 weeks).

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Count on about a month of nipple swelling after breast implants

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Hello Demoiselle

In our Santa Rosa breast augmentation practice, we counsel our patients to expect about a month of swelling of the nipple/areola, at which time they usually return to normal. The areola, however, can be stretched by an implant. That can be a permanent increase in size, although it is not a deterrent for most women.

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