How to Get Payment Plans for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am from NYC and I want a Brazilian Butt Lift. I want to know, how can I get a payment plan for this procedure?

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Many payment plans available for a Brazilian Butt lift


The Brazilian Butt lift is one of the most common and popular procedures and our practice. Many patients choose to perform this procedure with financing. Our practice has great deal of experience with many financing companies and can help find a payment plan that fits any budget.

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Payment plans for Brazilian Butt Lift


Simple. See several Plastic surgeons in the city and have them examine you and give you fee estimates for the procedure. Before leaving your will talk to their patient coordinator and she will tell you which companies they work with. When you have decided WHICH surgeon you wish to have do your procedure, contact their finance company. It will ask for for personal data, determine your score and tell you if they will or will not finance your surgery. If they will, they will work with both you and your surgeon in coordinating the payment.

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