Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction for a 325-pound Patient?

I'm 325 lbs. and 5'9 1/2" tall. Is the Brazilian butt lift and liposuction for me?

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Wait till you have lost the excess weight

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You need to decerase you weight by at least 100 pound +. You need to do this to prevent the complication from excess weight including hypertension, arthritis, diabetis, heart failure and vascular problems. This is not a cosmetic issue and it is a heath issue. Try to do this on your own and if can not reduce your weight on your own, you may consider other options like gastric bypass.

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Lose at least 130 lbs before Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction

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With a BMI in the 40's, the vast majority of ethical Plastic surgeons would advise you, for your own safety to say nothing about the quality of your surgical results, to FIRST reduce your BMI to the high 20's. This means losing at least 130 pounds or so. The best way to do it is with obesity surgery (bypass or lab band). Only after having a stable weight for 6-8 months should any cosmetic surgery be seriously considered.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Obesity eliminates body contouring

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 There is no way at 325 lbs you could or should consider any kind of body contouring surgery.  The risks are exceptionally high and the result would be poor.  Lose the weight first and then do it!

Obesity and Body Contouring

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Unfortunately you are in the obese catagory. If your desire is to lose weight and lookm better you are going about it the wrong way. Even though you can have liposuctioning and fat injections and a lift if you wanted you really should sit down with your Dr and address the real problem. You can be successful in losing weight, improving your health and self esteem and look better with a gradual and effective weight loss program. There are multiple options available to you but the most important factor is YOU.

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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Always put your health first.

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At this stage the most important thing is to be evaluated thoroughly by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to tell you if you are healthy enough to proceed with your surgery. They may advise you to lose weight before receiving elective cosmetic surgery. Once you have reached a stable weight your plastic surgeon can then evaluate you and determine how much fat can be removed with lots of suction and how much can be transferred to your gluteal region.

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Body contour and obesity

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I would recommend that you get to a weight that lowers your BMI significantly first. Then if you want ta buttock augmentation and body contour those options will be available to you.  At your weight, there is a significant risk of complications.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt lift at 325 LBS

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Dear Rennesha

I would not recommend any surgery for elective cosmetic purposes at your weight altho I would have to have you see your plastic surgeon first before making any decisions. From you stats I would recommend getting down to a more reasonable weight as you are at least 100 lbs over your ideal body weight and much more susceptible to complications. I would recommend discussing this with your family doctor before proceeding with any type of surgery just on the basis of what you ask me in your question. Good luck.

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