How Old Would I Have to Be to Get Brazilian Butt Lift?

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How old for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi Karen

Although I don't think there is a correct age, I too would recommend at least 18. You want to be fully developed and at a stable weight to undergo this surgery. There is not much point in undergoing a big surgery while your body is continuing to change in size or fat distribution.

In cases of deformity, an earlier age can at times also be reasonable.

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Buttock augmentation

Like any cosmetic surgery, over 18 years (though with silicone breast implant must be over 22).  The better question, I think, is whether one has thought about it carefully.

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The perfect age for a Brazilian Butt lift


There is no perfect age for Brazilian Butt lift. Like all aesthetic surgery, it is very important that the patient understand the benefits and risks before embarking on this procedure. Like all aesthetic surgery, the patient must be aware of the permanent changes to the body. The patient must also understand and be willing to comply with the postoperative recovery and necessary instructions.

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Brazilian Butt Lift


In most states, legal consent is obtained from an individual 18 years or older. I assume this is the case in Canada as well. However, it is most important to perform this on an individual of stable weight and body contour.

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