Brazilian Butt Lift with Only 600ccs of Fat?

I am considering getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. One doctor told me I only have 600ccs of fat and its not worth it and the other doctor said he will do it and it will enhance my figure.

Do you think I should go ahead with it and what difference will the 600cc make on my buttocks because thats only 300cc in each butt cheek. Thank you.


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Buttock augmentation

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That is really not enough fat for a major improvement.  You need more.  Remember, up to 20-30% will resorb.

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600 cc in each buttock can make a big difference in a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Adding 600 mL would make a very nice change. The most important aspect in a Brazilian Butt lift is the experience of the surgeon and the techniques they use. Before your surgery, it is essential to have a long consultation with your plastic surgeon and describe your concerns and your aesthetic goals. In our practice, we use digital morphing software to transform the pictures of the patients so that they can get an idea of what it could look like after their surgery. We have found this to be a very important communication and education tool so that the surgeon and patient are on the same page. Discuss in detail with your surgeon how much fat they believe they can remove the liposuction, how much of that fat will be available for fat grafting and finally how much of that fat they feel will remain permanently.

Also keep in mind that your ultimate result will depend on where the surgeon strategically places the fat. 600 cc can go a long way!

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