Can the Brava System Reduce Benign Breast Lumps?

I'm considering Brava treatment to reduce small lumps in the breast (benign). Would it work for that?

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BRAVA is for breast augmentation without implants

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The BRAVA system relies on a suction "bra" which is applied to the chest wall for a number of hours a day for a period of weeks - following which patients undergo lipofilling (fat grafting) to maintain the increase in volume. BRAVA is not designed to treat or reduce breast lumps.

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BRAVA for management of breast lumps?

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I am not aware of the Brava being used to reduce breast lumps. In fact the Brava is generally indicated to increase breasts 1-2 cup sizes. This may result in the potential increase in the size of these lumps. Recently reports of combining Brava and fat injections have generated enthusiasm for non-implant breast enhancement but this is not commonly performed and long term evaluation of intial results are currently being studied.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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BRAVA is used for breast enlargement

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It is my understanding that the BRAVA system is a devie that places suction on your breasts encouraging them to enlarge. There are mixed reports of success with this but I am not aware of the treatment reducing small lumps in your breasts.

I would either visit their website or discuss this with the plastic surgeon who is familiar with the pros and cons of the BRAVA system.

Take care.

Dr Edwards

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