Braces for Bottom Tooth That Adjusted?

I've had braces before, but a tooth on the bottom has adjusted. Is it possible to get braces just for the bottom teeth to fix this one tooth (it's the 2nd tooth to the left)? Which kind of braces should I get and what is the cheapest way?

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Braces, Invisalign, bonding or a veneer

I have fixed single misaligned teeth before with veneers. This is an especially great option if the tooth is "adjusted" toward the tongue because you can put the veneer on the tooth without reducing much. The problem is that often you do have to reduce. Other options may include: selective enamel reduction (if the correction is very minor), bonding to give an illusion of a straight tooth, or invisalign/braces. Seeing the tooth would allow me to better guide you.

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Yes, it is possible to do braces in just the bottom teeth

If you have a good bite and your only problem is misalignment of a lower tooth, I would highly recommend braces in just that arch. Invisalign or other invisible alternatives are available, however braces will be more cost effective and less cooperation on you part. I usually treatment time this type of case anywhere from 6-10 months depending on the amount of crowding. I would highly recommend a circumferential supracrestal fiberotomy to alleviate relapse and a bottom lingual retainer to maintain the alignment. You can Google these words for an explanation.

James J. Awbrey IV, DMD
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Limited orthodontics with a wire and brackets can be more economical

If moving one tooth is all that is needed, then many times limited orthodontics involving brackets and a wire on the tooth in question and the adjacent teeth is an effective and reasonably priced option. However, many times bracketing more teeth or the entire arch is necessary to ensure proper movement and stabilization. Have your dentist take a look and help you determine the best course of action.

Clinton Timmerman, DDS
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Brackets would be fastest and cheapest

Braces on one arch only is common.  However, there may be some teeth that have shifted and you don't realize it.  Invisalign has a significant lab fee, so will never be as inexpensive as brackets.  Brackets and wires will be faster and cheaper.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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