Best TCA Peel Strength for Olive Skin?

Which TCA peel strength is best for olive skin?

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The best TCA peel for olive skin depends on what you want to accomplish

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If you are hoping to get rid of discolorations in an olive skinned patient, then either 4-5 light peels such as 10-15% TCA at $250-300 each every 2 weeks is good or 1-2 medium peels such as 20-25% TCA at $500 each every 2-4 weeks is good also.

When it comes to wrinkles then you need to get 2-5 medium peels of the 20-35% TCA range at $500-1250 each at every 2-4 weeks. It is very important to use a prescription cortisone lotion to decrease the redness and chance of scarring and to also use a sunscreen daily and start a bleaching cream after 5 days and use for 1 month to prevent discolorations.

Good luck!

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