Best Scar Removal Treatment for Indented Acne Scars?

I have about 6 indented acne scars on my face around mouth and cheeks. I'm wondering if there is a one time treatment that will help and if so how safe is it and what's the cost?

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Indented acne scar

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Dear Sarha123,

Consider subcision or temporary fillers to the area. All can be done by a board certified dermatologist. You can find one in your area and ask for pricing in consultation by checking out the website You can search by area. Other options (depending on the type of acne scar -- there a multiple types like ice pick, box car) you can try a drop of TCA peel in the indented scar itself or laser resurfacing.

Since you have a finite number, you may want to consider fillers or subcision (which is using a needle to disrupt the scar tissue below the skin which has the skin on top bound down and indented). After subcision, you will be bruised but if it works, it is a relatively minor procedure to get those indented areas to tent back up.

Good luck,

Dr. Mariwalla

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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