Best Laser for Hair Removal and Pigmentation?

I get a horrible pigmentation on my arms after any form of hair removal. Is there any laser or other treatment that can help me get rid of the pigmentation and the excessive hair (my skin tone is fair and hair much darker)?

The pigmentation is what bothers me more as it doesn't fade with time. Kindly help.

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LASER Hair removal Is it safe?

The circumstances that you describe are unusual for LASER hair removal

Generally, light skin and dark hair are an ideal combination for an Alexandrite LASER.

Also. this LASER is often effective in treating brown spots.

I can't say what device was used in your case, nor whether it was a LASER,and, if so, what kind of   LASER.  

New York Plastic Surgeon

Pigmentation from hair removal

If you are getting hyperpigmentation from hair removal treatments, re-examine using heat based hair removal.

There are various lasers on the market, some which are specifically designed for use with people who have high melanin "potential".

Your genetic background is more important than your skin color as Asian, South American, Southern European and those with African blood mix have more melanin-producing cells.

The pigmentation you are getting is referred to as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. This is your skin's response to heat -- whether from laser or even hot wax.

With existing and potential pigmentation issues, I will suggest you seek out a dermatologist who has hair lasers for both dark and light skin. If you are told otherwise, go someplace else. And anyone performing hair laser should always ask about genetic background to guide laser selection.

Your pigmentation may need to be treated with melanin suppressors such as hydroquinone. Again, an experienced cosmetic dermatologist is your best resource. Resolving this type of pigmentation takes quite some time so don't get too discouraged. But you should not undertake heat based hair laser while trying to lessen the hyperpigmentation.

Hair laser salons may not have qualified personnel or a proper selection of lasers.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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