How Do Doctors Avoid Zyplast Injection on the Blood Vessel?

The literature for Zyplast says that injection into a blood vessel must be avoided, as this can cause necrosis. How does the doctor ensure that he won't be injecting into a blood vessel? Can this be done by aspiration?

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Avoid vessels by Injecting Superficially

Zyplast injections are placed superficially, well above the larger caliber vessels. There is one area that may be a bit dangerous for Zyplast injections: the glabellar area, which is in between the eyes. There was at least one report of blindness in a patient from an injection into an artery feeding into the retinal artery. This area is one not usually treated in standard Zyplast treatments though. A good injector will know to go slowly, and superficially in this area. 

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Trust your doctor's judgement on proper placement of collagen

Zyplast, which is collagen, is injected intradermally which is into the dermis of the skin. It is very difficult to hit a large blood vessel when done properly and by a trained physician since most large vessels are under the skin in the fat layer and deeper. You have very little to worry about. 

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