Average Recovery Time and Cost for Aerola Reduction?

How long does it take to recover from a puffy nipple reduction? I don't have any significant breast tissue underneath maybe a hard disc a little smaller than a dime. They are just puffy and stick out the slightest. I am in Southern California and looking for info on cost and recovery. Thank You.

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Average recovery time from breast areola reduction may vary in patients

Hi Johnny

There are many aspects to recovery and the times vary from patient to patient and by the extent of surgery involved. On the average, a patient will feel pretty normal in a few days and should be able to return to normal non-strenuous activities at that time. The patient will however have restrictions on his or her activities for a few weeks and will not see the final esthetic result for a few months. For fees, most plastic surgeons will provide ballpark costs over the phone.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck on achieving your goals.

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Nipple Reduction Price and Recovery

It would be about $1500-$3000, the lower range covering the cost of just one areola/nipple. This is the average cost in Toronto, Ontario. The recovery period is relatively short compared to other cosmetic procedures, with swelling and bruising being the most common. These last for a few weeks but gradually subside. 

Areola reduction time and cost

To start feeling normal again typically takes a few days.  You can then start light activities but the healing time and process will change from patient to patient. Regarding fees, it will vary greatly depending on area even in the same city. Consult with 2 to 3 surgeons to get a good range and choose the one that best meets your needs.

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Areola reduction recovery and cost depends


It depends upon what exact operation you have. If you are a male having a small gynecomastia operation, you are probably looking at a week or so before you get back to low impact activities.

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