Are Jaw Implants Usually Done with a Chin Implant?

Would jaw implants normally be done with a chin implant, or not necessarily? I'm trying to look more masculine.

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Chin implant and jaw implants.

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I presume you are asking about angle of the jaw implants, the ones that are commonly used to give you that square chiselled jaw look. These are not done nearly as frequently as chin implants, but they can be done together, and can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Make sure your surgeon has experience in doing them, as there are some tricks in doing them, and they are different from regular chin implants.

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Chin implants and jaw implants can be done together

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This is depending on the situation and anatomy of the patient.  Your desires are very important in the whole process. During a consultation we can determine the benefit visually through our computer morphing program that a jaw and chin implant can be for you. We have some patients on make me heal that have posted some information for you to read.  
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Philip Young, MD
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Jaw implants can be done with or without chin implant

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Jaw implants can be done as a standalone procedure or it can be done with a chin implant. It all depends on the patient’s, needs, wants, desires, and the presenting problem.

William Portuese, MD
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Jaw and Chin Implants for Masculinity

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The choice of mandibular or jaw implants is very patient specific.  Usually, multiple implants can and are placed at one setting.  However, patients that are unsure of the exact look that they desire or who cannot envision what they will look post imperatively are best staged.

Jaw implants are different from chin implants

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Chin implants are more common than jaw implants which widen the lower face and masculinize it. A chin implant increases the projection of the jaw from a side view which also masculinzes the face. 2 jaw implants are required (unless the surgeon is treating asymmetry) as opposed to one chin implant. All implants are placed through the mouth so there are no external incisions. The operations are fairly easy and are done on an outpatient basis.

Chin Implants are more common than jaw implants

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In the realm of plastic surgery procedures on the face, chin implants are common and jaw implants are rare. Both of the implants can be placed at the same time. After you have a facial analysis by your surgeon you can discuss the type of look you want and decide which implants are best for you.

Make sure you are communicating clearly with your surgeon and bring in pictures of examples of what you would like to achieve. If the implants will give you the look you want, then go ahead with both of them at the same time.

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Dr. Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
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