Are TLC Lasik Doctors the Best for Laser Eye Surgery?

I am looking for a laser eye surgeon to do Bladeless LASIK. Is TLC the best lasik clinic. TLC has really attractive financing avail, so would be great to know their docs are great too!

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Are TLC Lasik Doctors the Best for Laser Eye Surgery?

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TLC is a coporate LASIK provider with different surgeons at each location.  They may or may not be the best in their particular community.  It is usually a good idea to go to more than one surgeon and meet them, learn about their particular equipment and find out if you are a good candidate.  Most facilities offer very similar financing options.  I believe picking your surgeon is the most important choice that you have to make!  Additionally, make sure that you are going to receive Blade-Free Wavefront LASIK - this is currently the most advanced form of LASIK available.

San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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TLC has a great reputation. In the DC market, I know there are some very skilled surgeons there. I would ask around your friends, family, and co-workers to see if any of them have had LASIK and if they'd recommend their surgeon. You can also check out sites like RealSelf and others for patient recommendations in your area if you don't know of anyone who's has laser vision correction before.

Most practices offer some sort of financing and, to give you an insider tip, most docs will negotiate on price to get your business. They figure that you'll refer your friends and family members to them, making up for an discrepancy in the profit made from your surgery. Hope that helps!

Thomas E. Clinch, MD
Washington DC Ophthalmologist

TLC is only as good as the local doctor

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TLC is an excellent organization, but the care you get with LASIK is personalized, and is only as good as the local doctor who is treating you and their staff. Concerning financing, the same type of financing and programs are available from many different providers. You may want to check more about TLC from the information available about their public traded stock TLCV which is TLC vision.

I would recommend you consider lasik care from a personal recommendation, from a doctor referral, or from visiting a few different providers before making this decision. You may also want to investigate the technology available at that particular TLC center, since they are not all the same.

Please be aware that just because Tiger Woods had his LASIK at TLC does not mean that he would have had it done by any doctor at any TLC center nor does it mean that you cannot get just as good or better a procedure with the doctor who you believe has the best overall program for your particular eyes.

Again, TLC overall has an excellent reputation and I believe that they can be an excellent choice for laser vision correction, but youshould do your homework and investigate carefully before making this decision.

Jon Dishler, MD, FACS
Greenwood Village Ophthalmologist

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