Can AHA Peels Help with Fine Lines?

I don't understand. Some dr.'s say that even AHA's peels can help with fine lines, others say that only very deep peels can improve that problem. I want to improve fine lines and I'm not a good candidate for laser. What would you recommend?

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AHA don't do much for fine lines

AHA peels don't do much for fine lines. They are great to maintain your skin when you get it to where you like it but they won't get it to that point by itself. You need several light 10-15% TCA peels @$250-350 each at 2-3 week intervals for 4-5 peels or 1-2 medium 20-35% TCA peels @ $750-1500 each at 1 month interval to get your skin looking good. Then you can do your AHA peels every month or two to maintain the results. Of course you will need a good sunscreen and cortisone lotion and bleaching cream and Retin A like cream and moisturizers afterwards but it is all so worth looking years younger.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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AHA peels are very mild

When we say a peel is mild, it means that its effects are minimal on the skin. AHA can make the skin look fresher but they will not improve even minimal facial lines. Even fine lower eyelid lines need a treatment that is deeper than an AHA peel. Doctors who tell you otherwise are pulling your leg or actually believe this themselves but it is simply not true. There is no free lunch with chemical peels. The deeper the line, the deeper one needs to go to fix the issue. Generally, line improvement with chemical peels is not seen until the strength of the agents is about equivalent to 35% trichoroacetic acid which is significant stronger than any AHA.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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