Aggressive Microdermabrasion for Aging Skin

Dr Darius J. Karimipour released a study (Archives of Dermatology) where he concluded that aggressive microdermabrasion appears to improve the appearance of aged human skin. The main benefit of microdermabrasion procedure was that it is minimally wounding. Do you believe that microdermabrasion is an important anti-aging skin treatment?

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Risks with being too aggressive with microdermabrasion

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Aggressive microdermabrasion with heavy suction and rough aluminum oxide crystals can cause broken capillaries. For that reason, our practice focuses more on Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is done by taking a sterile surgical blade and simply scraping the epidermis. This technique will "plane" down epidermal fine lines, temporarily remove facial hair, remove dry skin and dead skin cells that keep the skin from glowing as it should. This is a relaxing procedure that smoothes the skin and you have absolutely no downtime. Medical skin care products are applied immediately afterwards so that you have better product absorption.

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Microdermabrasion is an excellent adjunct in a quality medical grade skin care program.  Think of it as a major exfoliant removing the dead skin on the outer surface so your skin care products can penetrate better and be more effective.

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