Finding Rhinoplasty Surgen for African Americans

Does an African American have to go to a certain rhinoplasty surgeon to have rhinoplasty performed or any surgeon?

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Rhinoplasty in African Americans

No two noses are necessarily alike. Noses differ even more among various ethnic groups. African American noses will need to be treated differently than a Caucasian nose. Not only are there structural differences, but, the patient may want to maintain several of the ethnic characteristics of their original nose, only in a slightly more subtle manner.
A good rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to help you understand what will need to be done to address your particular concerns, and conversely, you should be able to discuss with them what you may not want changed with regards to your nose. I would suggest meeting with a couple of surgeons and absolutely ask to see photos of their work. You should be able to see examples of the changes you desire, too.

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Seek out a true African American Rhinoplasty surgeon

GREAT QUESTION! I can only give you what I would do in your situation. I would seek out a TRUE African American Rhinoplasty surgeon. At the consultation ask to see at least 10 before and after photos of African American noses he has done. By this # of cases you can feel confident this surgeon can preform these types of surgeries. This is just how I would find the right surgeon. Regards and Good Luck.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for ethnic rhinoplasties

Ethnic rhinoplasty can be performed by any surgeon who is well versed in rhinoplasty. Look for a surgeon who has done thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries, has experience in performing rhinoplasty for African Americans as well as Asians, Caucasians, and Mexicans. Remember to look at the surgeons rhinoplasty before and after photos to make sure you like their work.

William Portuese, MD
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African American Rhinoplasty

Certainly, an African American person can go to any surgeon that has substantial experience in rhinoplasty. While the anatomy of the African American nose may differ, it is really patient dependent. I would recommend reviewing the before and after photos of the surgeons with which you consult. Hopefully, that will give you some idea of their aesthetic sense with respect to patients from different ethnic backgrounds.

Jennifer Parker Porter, MD, FACS
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Surgery to Reshape Ethnic Noses or Ethnic Rhinoplasty

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be adept at treating patients with various ethnicities (African American, Asian, Persian, Italian, etc.) so you need to identify the best rhinoplasty surgeons in your area and select one.

Make sure you look at his/her ethnic rhinoplasty photos and see changes you like. You must fully communicate your wishes to your surgeon and ensure that he/she feels confident about being able to make appropriate changes for you. You should mandate that the work look natural and not leave you with a drastically altered nose. After all, you don't want to change your ethnicity, just refine your nose!

The surgeon should be able to "morph" your photos to give you a surgical preview of what your nose might look like after rhinoplasty. These computer altered photos by no means represent a guaranteed outcome, but can give you a ballpark idea that your surgeon understands what bothers you about your nose.

And remember, a second consult with a different surgeon is never a bad idea and you'll be glad you did your homework!

Randolph Capone, MD, FACS
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African American Nose & Rhinoplasty Surgeons

The anatomy of African American Nose is different than other ethnic groups. You should go to someone who does a lot of ethnic rhinoplasties. If you cannot find one, then just look for someone who is excellent rhinoplasty surgeon. If you are willing to travel, then Dr. Fred Stucker in Louisiana is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons for African American Nose.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
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There are special considerations with African-American Rhinoplasty Surgery.

You should consult a board-certified Rhinoplasty specialist experienced in Ethnic Rhinoplasty. You should also see many photos before proceeding.

In general, African-American noses have thick skin, and weak cartilage. There can also be wide nostrils, a broad tip, and a shallow bridge.

Feel free to email me a full facial frontal and profile photo, and I'll gladly share my thoughts with you.

I've attached a link to my rhinoplasty gallery for your perusal.

I hope this is helpful, and best regards.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Ethnic rhinoplasty

There are different ethnic anatomical issues that require different expertise.  Just call and ask how often the doctor does ethnic rhinoplasties.  You will want a lot of experience here.  Some doctors even specialize in this. 

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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See an Ethnic Rhinoplasty specialist

Hi Daniel,

It is important for you to see a rhinoplasty surgeon who is experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty if you want to achieve the best possible aesthetic result.

There are as many variations within a particular ethnic group as there are between groups and not everyone is looking for the same thing. But, African American noses do have some unique attributes, such as thicker skin and softer cartilage, that must be considered. Many techniques that are applied to thinner-skinned patients will not be as effective. Surgeons who are experienced with African American rhinoplasty have learned what needs to be done to maximize the potential for a great outcome.

Good luck in your search.

Jason Litner, MD
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African American Rhinoplasty

Hi Daniel,

An experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon is able to perform African American rhinoplasty. As with all rhinoplasties, at consultation the patient describes what bothers them about their nose, and what they would be satisfied with as a result of surgery. The surgeon then examines the nose, makes a diagnosis and plan to achieve the patient's goals.

All noses are different, there is no set recipe for the African American nose. An individual surgical plan is carried out to achieve the goals of rhinoplasty.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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