95% of my Sense of Smell is Still Gone, 10 Months After Rhinoplasty and Other Problems?

Besides looking terrible after open rhinoplasty, I have virtually no sense of smell and it has been almost a year. I can rarely even breathe through my nose. Today is a good day, my left nostril has some very faint air flow but the right doesn't. I'm afraid the doctor just removed too much. He said I will need to go back for another operation but i am scared. Should I trust him again? Should I pay for the anaesthetics again? Will i be able to smell again? Will I get an even worse scar? :'(

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Rhinoplsaty Gone Bad

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Dear Hayden,


I am sorry that you had to go through a lot because of what it seems to be an unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

An impaired sense of smell and trouble breathing are not something you can disregard and I agree with you on that.

It looks like you are of a great need for a corrective surgery with the hope to restore your olfaction (smell) hence your gustatory (taste).

The question of whether you should trust the surgeon who performed your initial surgeon or not is based on detailed research about his/her experience and abilities as well as  personal feelings.

After all, you have the right to feel afraid undergoing a second surgery but having a bad experience should not make you loose faith in corrective surgeries performed by capable surgeons.

If I were to make a decision, I would consult with other reputable and extensively experienced board certified surgeons who will help me make a well informed decision.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Bad rhinoplasty results

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Unfortunately sometimes surgery doesn't go as planned. You may see it but your surgeon feels as bad as you do. Whether or nit you should trust him depends on how much experience he has. If he has a lot if experience with rhinoplasty hen he will be able to rake care of the problem. However I would strongly suggest a second opinion. You have already had a bad result and the last thing you want is another failed surgery. Also I'd the second surgeon recommends the same correction than that will give you more confidence in the first surgeon. Good luck with everything!

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