Asian Blepharoplasty and Epicanthoplasty? (photo)

My epicanthal fold covers a significant portion of my inner eye. When I take pictures I often look cross eyed which really bothers me. I want to open up my eye so I can see the inner portion better, look less tired, and see my skin under my crease all along the length of my eye so I can wear makeup and not have it disappear under the fold. I'm an Asian female in my 20s. I had a bleph 1.5 years ago but I had a natural crease before that. What can I do to achieve this with minimal scarring?

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Epicanthoplastyin scarring

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You have a few ways to perform this procedure with his little scarring is possible. However, let me warn you whenever you're performing and epicanthoplasty visible scarring is a possibility particularly at your young age. Essentially the crease that you have needs to be extended in towards the medial canthus. Once the incision and the markings have reached that point tool to create and infold of the outward facing or surface skin towards the crease that is dipping down into your upper eyelid. The rule is be a bit conservative because aggressive epicanthoplasties are often times more risky.

in many cases you can give the illusion with the same effect as a true epicanthoplasty simply by extending the natural crease further medial. Some examples of this can be seen on my website.

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