Is lower bleph to my eyes repairable? Will I ever look the way I used to. Revisional surgery? (photo)

Can anyone help me? A specialist? i went to an occuplastic surgeon to see about having a lower bleph and skin pinch to smooth out fat pads under my eyes,nothing soon as he took the stitches out he let his staff know that he did not want to see me although i did make several follow ups.what happened?he never told me,never explained to me,told me it was not repairable.i think he did a lot of insurance cases involving graves disease and treated my lower bleph as so and in doing so caused this.please advise..want to die

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Lower Lid Issues

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Lower lid issues post bleparoplasty needs plenty of time to accurately evaluate and treat. Your description does not include the time frame after surgery. Edema (swelling) can take one to two years to totally dissipate. The eyelid position also may change with time.

Please consult your surgeon or get a second opinion if you are not comfortable with the answer.

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