7 months post-op, do I have displacement? (photos)

I am about to be 7 months post op on December 4th. I sleep on my sides a lot and I feel like it has displaced my implants. When I stand up straight, a bulk of both my breasts are towards the center of my chest, which makes my nipples go outward. The nipple thing is really my problem. I feel like they are not straight at all and I'm not sure if it's normal or displacement.

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Displacement Concern 7 Months Post Op

It's difficult to determine your possible situation with the photos provided and without an in-person exam. Before photos would be helpful. If you are concerned it may be best to  contact your plastic surgeon for an in-person #examination to better determine. It is possible you may be experiencing #displacement and. or, #bottoming out.  Your surgeon would be able to confirm whether either or both are in fact, the case. 

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No displacement of implants

but you really have to decide on what you want here.  If you want your nipples more centered over the implants, the pocket can be released and expanded laterally but this will increase your space between the mounds and produce more side boob.  If you want more fullness on top, you need to have your folds elevated (very challenging to do with predictable results) and a mastopexy to reposition your nipples.  Otherwise if you're happy with your size and softness, I would recommend you do nothing as your breasts still appear good to me but a better picture would be with your arms at your sides to determine if there is any implant malposition.  

Curtis Wong, MD
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Bottoming out

Your breasts have bottomed out; this is caused by the relaxation of your skin located over the inferior pole of your breasts; patients have different elaxity to their skin which results in bottoming out; there can be surgical causes for this as well but usually not an issue if you went to a board certified plastic surgeon; the fix is to tighten up your inferior breast pole so that the implants sit higher; a consultation is necessary to provide you an accurate description of what it will take to get you what you are desiring.

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Gradual nipple displacement and central fullness is from wearing bras that push in and up

Your problem is very common.  I see a symmetrical fullness on both inner part of the breast with flattening on the outside part of your breasts.  When women first get their new implants the first place they rush off to is Victoria Secret to buy a sexy bra.  Well most Victoria Secret bras don't fit well and tend to push in and up.  When the bra is worn 10-12 hours a day the internal pocket of the breast implant changes shape.  The medial pocket tends to bulge and thin sometimes creating rippling when the tissue thins so much.  The lateral pocket tends to contract due to steady but daily pressures put by the bra.  Eventually the nipple turns outwards because the constant distortion created by the bra.  Sometimes symmastia can occur as a result of the pushup bra.  As long as you are aware of this you can avoid these problems by wearing a proper fitting bra. 

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Nipple Displacment after Breast Augmentation

Judging by your photos, you look great.  I do see the nipples and their location.  I would recommend looking back at your preoperative photos as well which you may be able to obtain from your plastic surgeon.  After evaluating your preoperative photos I would bet that your nipple and areolas (NAC) where positioned laterally (to the outside) of your chest before surgery.  After the implants are placed, the NAC looking outwards is even more magnified now.  If your plastic surgeon centered your implants on your NAC then you would have had a very small implant, or the implants would be very far apart.

Hope that explanation helps.

Congrats on your surgery.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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