Would an augmentation give me a good result? (photos)

31 yrs old 5" 110pounds. Have 3 kids and done! Don't want to get a lift. I'm getting a breast augmentation, thinking 450-475ccs. Would I have good results?

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Breast aug

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it depends on your definition of a good result. i think the result is predictable and I am afraid that you will feel that they hang too low for a young woman if you do not get a lift. that is a fairly good size implant for a petite woman.  if you were refusing mastopexy , I would do a biplane augmention.  get a formal consult good luck

Newark Plastic Surgeon

Would an augmentation give me a good result? (photos)

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Thank you for your photos and question. with implants only without lifting you will not get good results in your case and sitution you need to have lifting plus implants to get good results.

Augmentation alone or with lift

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Thanks for the question and photos.  You are probably borderline in terms of needing a lift in addition to an augmentation.  You will definitely have larger fuller breasts with 450-475cc, the question is where you nipple will sit in relation to the implants.  The good news is that if you can always get a lift as a second stage if you  feel your nipples are too low on your breasts after you have had a chance to heal from your augmentation.  In person consultations and exams are always best to get a good understanding of the patients' goals and expectations.  Best of luck!

Would an augmentation give me a good result?

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Your question depends on what you are trying to achieve through surgery. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and expectations.


Will I be happy with a breast augmentation?

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Depending upon your expectations you may be satisfied with the results of an augmentation alone. However, in my opinion your case is intermediate for needing a lift - a physical exam (as well as a more detailed discussion of your goals) would be needed prior to making formal recommendations. I hope this is helpful.

Bryan Correa, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Will I get a good result.

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Thank you for the question.    You can certainly get an improvement with just doing an augmentation.  Make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals.   Best of luck.

Should be fine

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I suspect if you see a good board certified surgeon you will get a good result.  Don't commit to a certain size or volume of implant until you have had a consultation where your surgeon will measure and evaluate your breasts and discuss your goals and expectations.  Choosing the correct size of an implant should be based on multiple factors (chest measurement, amount of existing breast tissue, activity level and lifestyle of the patient, quality of the skin, etc) so take your time.  Good luck!

Scott Thellman, MD
Lawrence Plastic Surgeon

Results of a Breast Augmentation

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According to studies, more than 90% of women are satisfied with the results of a #breastaugmentation. This is largely because the procedure often improves a woman’s self-esteem, not to mention quality of life. We aim to custom-tailor your breast augmentation based on your preferences for perkiness, firmness, shape, and size. Our goal is to match the appropriate implant type with the right procedure so that you are completely satisfied.
Breast #augmentation will enhance the shape of your breasts as well make them fuller. You may find yourself more comfortable wearing different types of clothing and may enjoy a boost in self-confidence, as is the case with many happy patients

Breast augmentation can absolutely give you a good result

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Absolutely! I believe that you could get a good result with implants alone. Oftentimes, an augmentation can give the illusion of a lift. After a minimum of 9 months, when the implant has settled, you'll have a better idea whether or not you think your breasts are perky enough. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths."

Good result possible

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It's a little difficult to answer your question definitively without a thorough examination to look at your breast tissue characteristics. Your nipples are a little low on the breast (as one might expect after 3 kids!) and even a large implant may not lift them into a perfect position. However, from the photos you have supplied, I suspect that a high profile implant of 475cc placed over the muscle would give you the best chance of a nice natural result.

One little test you can do at home is to stand in front of the mirror and put your hands on top of your head. Do your nipples move up much? This is an estimation of how far the nipples will move over an implant. If the nipples do not move at all then a nipple lift may be necessary to prevent the nipple position looking a little 'sad'.

Your surgeon will be able to assess all of these things with a thorough examination.

Good luck!

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