9 Years Post-Rhinoplasty is It Normal to Not Be Able to Push Down on the Tip of Your Nose? (photo)

I had Rhinoplasty done when I was 16 and I am now 25. For a few years I wasn't able to push down on the tip of my nose without it feeling sore. Now when I push down on the tip of my nose it feels like there is a piece of bone that prevents me from pushing it down. Is that normal? Also, in photographs you can see an indentation where the bone was taken out of the bridge of my nose. Is there any way to fill in the hole?

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Rhinoplasty revision

It is unclear from your posted photos exactly what is going on. It is hard to even tell of the nose is straight or crooked. There is however a visible inverted V shape. This could be improved dramatically by placing cartilage grafts over the bridge.

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9 Years Post-Rhinoplasty is It Normal to Not Be Able to Push Down on the Tip of Your Nose? (photo)

Even with posted photos the best way to obtain an answer is in person consultations from boarded docs in your city. 

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Tip issues and bone issues

The tip may have a graft that keeps the tip firm.  As for the bone, this may be corrected with further surgery. Without an exam it is hard to say.

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Defect and firm tip after rhinoplasty.

The defect where the bone was removed can be corrected, probably with a small graft or adjustment of the upper nasal bones.  As far as the tip is concerned it is important to remember that you have scar tissue there that will be a lot stiffer than an un-operated tip.  If you have a good tip contour I would leave it alone.

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9 Years Post-Rhinoplasty is It Normal to Not Be Able to Push Down on the Tip of Your Nose

You probably had a cartilage graft placed in the tip of your nose -- this is what you feel when you push your tip down.  It is very common to have a "firmer" tip after rhinoplasty depending on technique used; on the bright side, "firmer" tip means more stable tip that is less likely to droop.

Your dorsum has inverted V deformity -- this is usually corrected with spreader grafts with or without revision osteotomies.

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Rhinoplasty and the inverted V deformity.

Rhinoplasty and the inverted V deformity can be corrected with fillers or permanently with revision surgery. The firmness of the tip push down is normal.

Toby Mayer, MD
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9 Years Post-Rhinoplasty

Based on your photos it appears that you have an inverted V deformity and would be a good candidate for surgery, but an in person examination would be essential. The firmness you describe may be a graft in the columella/tip.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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