9 Dental Implants, Root Amputation, but Crown of Tooth Remain. Cannot Eat, Brash, Still in Pain. 13 Days Now?

I still cannot eat, only milk, cottage cheese - that is about it. Very exsosted, worn-out, week. Still in pain, but less then before. I'm 81 years old. All this implants is going to be as individual crowns. Cannot wear temporary flippers, because gum is still swollen. My cheeks swollen as well. Is any concern about my condition? My doctor says it is normal, but... Please help me

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Pain after 13 days

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I would be concerned about infection and suggest a follow up with your dentist most implant surgery is pain free after 7-10 days good luck



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Pain after implant placement

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Sorry for you being in such complicated state after the surgery. The first things I would recommend- contact the doctor who did the surgery and describe your complaints. We usually premedicate the patients prior to the surgery in order to eliminate post-operative pain and swelling. Ask your doctor for pain medication prescription and adjustment of the flippers. Don`t forget to keep rinsing with Peridex!

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