8weeks Post Under Muscle Replacement Implant Bottoming Out?

I went from 375 to 275 gel implants under muscle again. Slight creases or indentions are above incisions and the left breast seems to be falling. Is this bottoming out? Would an underwire bra help? Can't see my PS for 2 weeks and I'm freaking out. Can any of this be fixed? Not looking forward to surgery #3.They look terrible, and how long do I wait?Will they continue to get worse?

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Dobule bubble and bottom out PHOTO

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This is a combination of bottoming out and double bubble and will likely best be treated with implant downsizing and caspulorrhaphy to elevate the fold to its previous level

Implant malposition after breast augmentation

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The creases at the bottom of your breasts are from your inframammary folds, which represent where the breasts meet the chest wall. If this crease is released during breast augmentation surgery, it may persist and give the appearance of a "double bubble". Although this is not an emergency, it is correctable and you should definitely follow up with your surgeon to discuss all your options.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Bottoming out after breast augmentation ("double bubble")

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Unfortunately you are developing what we call “a double bubble,” more severe on the left side as you noted. This occurs when the inframammary crease is lowered too far in a submuscular plain. It is less an issue if the inframammary release is done in the subglandular plain. This can be corrected with what is known as a capsuloraphy which closes the inferior pocket and brings the prosthesis up into a better position. At this point an underwire bra will not help significantly and things should not worsen until you see your plastic surgeon.

The Double-Bubble and Breast Augmentation

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Drs. Peterson and Wallach are right you have a double bubble.  Wait it out but downsizing and internal revision may be necessary.

Dr. ES

Double bubble

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From your pictures, its looks like you have double bubble phenomenon, which is a persistence of your inframammry crease following augmentation. You do not mention how long ago you had your surgery. This may improve with time, but if it has not improved after a few months you may need a revision. I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Bottoming out actually double bubble

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It looks like a double bubble is forming creating an indentation where the natural fold was.  The fold needs to be reinforced and the implants may need to be downsized.

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