Treatment for Skin Aging After Breast Cancer and Mastectomy (Age 84)?

I Am 84 Years of Age and Until a Year Ago Had Exceptionally Good Skin, I Had Been on HRT for many years. After diagnosis of breast cancer, mastectomy and treatment,(resulting in loss of estrogen) I have lines around my mouth and other aging symptoms. Would you consider whatever treatment is available to improve my problems?

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Aging skin after breast cancer treatment

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You may benefit from the use of antioxidant creams. There are a whole host of such products and you should see a board certified dermatologist to evaluate your skin. Revale intensive repair cream and TNS Essential Serum might help but it may take several months of constant use to see the improvement. If this is not enough, then consider a non-invasive rejuvenation procedure such as Fraxel Restore laser series of treaments. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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