What are some collagen building products?

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What are some collagen building products?

Thanks for your query. Dietary supplements like amino collagen from Meiji or other over the counter products containing  collagen are a good source. Natural products including green vegetables, soya, lean meats, colorful fruits like berries, orange ,etc are a good source. Hope it helps.

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Injectables That Stimulate The Increased Production Of A Patient's Own Collagen

In our practice at Wave Plastic Surgery, we have definitely noticed a shift in our patients, from their wanting to be treated with fillers that add exogenous volume to areas of the face, to their wanting treatments and injectables that stimulate their own body to produce more collagen.  

Of all of the injectable products that we use in our practice, and we use a very broad range, we believe that Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) elicits the most significant stimulation of collagen production.  Sculpture is biocompatible and biodegradable, and although the changes in soft tissue fill it causes are more gradual than those produced by hyaluronic acid fillers and radiesse, for example, we have noted that many of our patients prefer if for exactly that reason: the changes are subtle and gradual, and often make it difficult for their friends and family to detect that they have had any "work done".  

We believe that Sculptra represents the vanguard of a new trend in plastic surgery that will only gather further momentum with time: patients seeking procedures that utilize or stimulate their own tissues to augment soft tissue volume in aesthetically important areas of the face and body.

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Collagen building products?

Our skin and body contains collagen which is not only important but being built and weakened throughout life.  When skin suffers a wound, often new collagen is produced. Therefore some lasers, dermabrasion and some peels stimulate the skin to make more skin and collagen .  Some injectable products that can help stimulate the formation of collagen under the skin include Sculptra, Radiesse, Bellafill and to a smaller extent the HA fillers. 

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