8 Weeks Post Op - What Effects Can Heavy Alcohol Consumption Have on Rhinoplasty Results?

Last week I went on a girls holiday, going out partying and drinking quite a bit every night for a week. I probably did not eat properly or drink enough water too. I know it was silly but I thought at the time it was just harmless fun. Now my nose looks very swollen at the tip. I was wondering if this will go down, or I have caused some permanent damage or scar tissue formation because of these activities? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

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Alcohol can cause swelling of your nose after rhinoplasty

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Alcohol, strenuous activity, flying, high altitudes, hot weather - basically anything that increases the blood supply to your nose, can increase the amount it swells.  Don't worry though, no permanent damage done.  Your nose took a step back in terms of how long it will take the edema (swelling) to resolve, but it eventually will. 

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