8 Days Post-op Breast Implants, Left Breast Feels Different?

originally a 34B cup and had 420cc saline smooth high profile under the muscle implants. Both breast are still very high and tight however the left is far more sensitive than the right and a tad bit higher, I feel more pressure it is as if it is in a constant muscle spasm?still have somewhat a rectangular shape to them I am still wearing the pressure band at top of breasts to control swelling

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8 Days Post-op Breast Implants, Left Breast Feels Different?

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Although your surgeon would be the best one to answer this after a formal exam, please be assured that it is normal for one breast to feel different than the other this soon after augmentation.  Without some other signs of fullness, bruising, etc. to suggest something like a hematoma (blood collection), you should continue to follow your surgeons postoperative instructions and follow up visits.

My Left Breast Is Higher And More Sensitive Than The Right 8 Days Post Op - Is This Normal?

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As far as sensitivity is concerned, one breast is almost always more sensitive than the other.  The good news is this will pass.  With reference to the left breast being higher, it may be because the muscle is tighter or because the left breast was higher to start out with. 

Normally, the implants are in the right place, but the fluid is forced upward causing the rectangular shape that you are presently experiencing.  As your muscle and skin relax, the saline in the implants will drop, and you will gain a much more natural teardrop shape to your breasts. 

In my practice, my patients wear nipple covers from a store called Motherhood and no bra for the first month.  This allows the implants to settle more easily since normally, the bottom of the bra forces the breast upwards.  Some bras are tight towards the outside of the breast.  They sometimes close off the outside of the breast implant pocket, and if worn during the first month, can deform a well done surgery. 

The pressure band you are wearing is an excellent idea.  Kudos to your surgeon.  The band plus gravity will normalize the shape of your breasts.

It sounds like you are doing fine and you are right where you belong in your recovery phase. 

One Breast Feels Different 8 Days after Breast Augmentation

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   The breasts early after breast augmentation can feel and look different due to differences in muscle spasm, size of breast implants, differences in width of chest wall, etc.  In the absence of hematoma, seroma, etc.  this can be normal.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Breast Implants Recovery

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It is not unusual to have one breast feel different than the other this soon after surgery. You may have more swelling on one side. It will improve with time. Follow up with your surgeon to get more guidance so you can feel more comfortable with your recovery course.

Concerned about Breast Appearance after Breast Augmentation...

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Thank you for the question.
Keep in mind, that your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to gauging your progress and providing you with advice and/or reassurance. Having said that, much of what you are experiencing at this point in your recovery after breast augmentation surgery is quite commonly experienced. It is quite common to experience asymmetric pain, pressure, swelling etc. These symptoms should resolve gradually over the course of the next week or so.
The “rectangular shape” is also  commonly seen early after breast augmentation surgery;  the shape of the breasts change as the breast implants “settle” over the course of the first  several months after surgery. 

Again, for more precise advice and more meaningful reassurance follow-up with your plastic surgeon ( sooner than already scheduled if necessary).
Best wishes.  Hopefully you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of your procedure.

Post op breast augmentation

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Having implants that feel high and tight 1 week after breast augmentation is very normal. Having one breast that is significantly more sensitive than the other may or may not be normal. It is possible that you simply have some muscle spasm issues on the more painful side. Muscle spasms will normalize on their own or with a short term prescription of muscle relaxants. A more bothersome issue would be the development of a hematoma or seroma on the more painful side. If there are any significant differences in breast size, bruising, or tension in the skin envelope, I would suggest returning to your surgeon sooner than later. 

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