7mo Post Rhinoplasty and the Tip is Still Hard, Will It Go Down Any Further?

My tip is still hard and have no grafts according to my surgeon...but the ridge/hardness of my tip is really concerning me..the lower half of my nose on the left side still looks fuller and its bothering me.. i don't know what to do..I graduate in December and feel like it's not going to go down anymore and the ridge is going to be noticeable in my grad pics. I'm feeling really stressed!!! please any advice will help..thanks!!

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Nasal Tip Swelling After Rhinoplasty

Swelling of the nasal tip is normal and it usually takes about one year to completely soften up and feel normal. I want my patients ahead of time that the nasal tip will feel like a piece of wood for the first several months. This is part of the normal recovery and not anything to worry or be stressed about.

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Firmness in the tip can last for 6-9 months and longer. With out seeing you I can't advise on the ridge that you see. Consult your surgeon.

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7mo Post Rhinoplasty and the Tip is Still Hard, Will It Go Down Any Further?

It is very common for the nasal tip to feel firm and foreign on your face for about 6 months following surgery.  After this window, you will still undergo 6 more months of healing during which your nose will soften more and more and begin to truly feel natural again.  This is normal!  Don't worry about your long term result yet as you still have a full 5months to go before you see your final result.  It will definitely continue to improve.  If you have any other concerns visit with your surgeon at any time to discuss.  Dr. Shep

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