Will a 7mm Crease Height Look Oriental?

Hi, I did the double eyelid suture method surgery just over 3 weeks ago. The crease was 6mm at the time of surgery and 7mm now. I find the crease still too high, thick, and deep 3 weeks post op. There doesn't seem to be much visible swelling left. As such, I'm really worried the final crease look will be too unnatural looking. I'm Chinese and want to preserve the oriental look, do you think this crease height will be okay? Is it too early to tell for the suture method? Thanks!

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A 7mm high crease is about 1 mm too high.

However with the suture technique not skin is removed.  As all the swelling resolves, the fold should settle down and not appear too high.   Please consider reposting with photos in about 6 weeks.

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