#4, the gum around it, and my cheeks are hurting, what can this mean?

I have a crown on #4 which started hurting a couple of days ago. I hadn't noticed any pain before. What's confusing me is my cheek is what hurts the most. The tooth and gum pain are bearable, but the cheek... I feel like my cheek needs a root canal.

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You seem to have an infection ... #DrSarahThompson #STL

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You should return to your dentist as soon as you can.  You do not want to develop a major problem.  If your cheek hurts that badly, its best that you are examined and possibly given antibiotics.  You do not want to walk around with a potentially danger infection in your face.   I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name in order to ask me additional questions in the future.

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