Can I Have About 75cc Removed from a 400cc Implant?

Two weeks ago i had a breast lift and implants. I expressed to the doctor that the right breast was larger and droopier and he knew that i wanted them to be the same size as possible. I received 400cc and the right one is harder and bigger and moved down under the incision line. My doctor said if it did not catch up to left in three months he would remove some saline to make them more equal in size but will that change the shape and make them loose? Is it possible to correct this?

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Complexity of augmentation mastopexy

Combining implants and lifts is complex, much more so than a simple implant augmentation alone.  As long as the chest wall is basically symmetrical from a bony standpoint, I personally prefer to use the same size implant on each side and thus create an equal platform for both breasts.  Then the tissues are adjusted to make them as symmetrical as possible.  The larger breast is slightly reduced to match the smaller one.

Consequently, the idea of deflating one of your implants doesn't work for me as it will make the breast platform unequal.  What you will need after 3-4 months of healing is a revision in which the lower implant is replaced back up to the proper position to match the other side. Maybe more also...

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast revision and asymmetry following augmentation mastopexy with implants

This is a complex issue. Freqeuntly, breast asymmetry requires more than one surgery. Considering that you had both a lift and implants at the same time, this further complicates the ability to predict the final result in a single staged procedure. Although you could easily remove 75 cc from the existing implant, it may be better to utilize an entirely new implant of difffering volume and dimension.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Aug and lift

Decreasing the volume of your implant is possible if it is saline but may make them under inflated if they are the mazimum level now.  Hard to say without an exam and more knowledge.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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