Is 750cc Enough for Breast Implants Without a Lift?

Hi, I'm 5'4", 127 lbs, and a 36D. I have one child, so I have sagging in my breasts. I'm getting Breast implants without a Breast Lift because I don't mind the sag, since I think it makes them look more natural.

My PS said I need a larger implant to fill in the extra skin I have so the largest implant in the Mentor (the kind he likes to use) is a 750cc. I want at least a DD cup if not larger, will the 750cc be big enough? I want a very large, full breast.

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700 cc breast implants are too big for anybody.

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Don't do it! These huge implants will stretch your skin terribly, and they will age very badly. And they will do nothing for your sagging.

In New York, we never use implants larger than 500 cc's for breast augmentation. On an average frame, 300 cc breast implants will certainly get you from a D cup to a DD cup. And maybe one day you will decide to have a lift, which is a very good operation with acceptable scars if done well.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

750 cc implant

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A 750 cc implants is very larger and will cause your breasts to sag more.  It sound slike you shoudl have a lift and go with a smaller implant.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Sagging breasts and large implants can be a scary combo

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If your dimensions are correct, 750 cc implants seem huge for you especially if you are saggy already. Loose tissue with large heavy implants will likely lead to a very unnatural appearance. Be careful that that is what you want before surgery.

Was there no talk about a lift of some sort here? How about the issue of tissue to cover the implants. Did your surgeon feel you had enough?

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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You will look very bad with 750 cc implants and no lift

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Of course without photos it is harder to say but I can imagine what you currently look like and in my opinion, placing 750 cc implants and doing no lift is going to be a big mistake. I'd check this out with a few reputable plastic surgeons in your area. 

Think long and hard before doing 750 cc implants

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It is so very tempting to try and avoid a breast lift by using large implants but the long-term results are almost always disappointing. I see a lot of patients for revisions and that is one of the most common things leading to bad outcomes. For your frame, 750 cc is huge and they will inevitably drop over time stretching out the skin. So you will likely end up needing an even bigger lift later on.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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750cc Are Large

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It is difficult to know what you need for sure without seeing photos. One thing that is for sure is that 750cc implants are very large and probably will make anyone a DD cup.

Be careful with trying to correct a sagging breast without a lift. If your nipples are too low on your chest even an enormous implant will not lift them. You can get a "rock in a sock " ,appearance.

Leslie H. Stevens, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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