Is 750 Too Extreme?

I am 5'7" about 140 lbs. Slender build. I naturally Had a small B cup. Have breast augmentation Celine field two 575. Cc it took me to a full D. I'm looking to go back in to replace implants to high-profile 750. I'm looking to get more volume, does 750 sounds Extreme?!?! I would like to be a triple-D.

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Large implants

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750 cc is a very large implant. For an implant exchange from an already larger implant then it may be reasonable for your goals. The risk of tissue thinning, implant rippling, and breast drooping is higher in an implant of this size. I would discuss with your PS and see what they recommend.

Is 750cc too extreme?

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Probably yes but everything is relative. It depends on how you have healed from your first set of implants and also what you are willing to risk. There is no question that over time very large implants can cause irreversible changes to the body. Be careful.

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